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breathing circuit

Breathing Circuits

Bringing indispensable experience to disposable convenience.
Safe and simple – Dräger disposable breathing circuits Dräger disposable breathing circuits offer correct fit and reliable function and are designed for use with existing systems. The PVC-free materials used ensure that no hazardous softening agents can enter the circuit. Latex-free breathing bags are also available. Single-use design effectively eliminates the risk of cross contamination, reducing the overall incidence of nosocomial infections. Disposability saves prep time and reduces workloads, allowing caregivers more time with their patients.

breathing mask

Breathing Masks

Bringing indispensable experience to disposable convenience.
Comfortable and easy to use – Dräger disposable anaesthesia masks Patient comfort and ease of use were the top priorities when developing the Dräger LiteStar® and ComfortStar® anaesthesia face masks. Patient comfort is supported by teardrop or round-shaped masks which provides an anatomical fit with effective seal. Researches show that added aromas can help in minimising the potential side effect, PONV of general anaesthesia (Post Operative Nausea and Vomitting). ComfortStar® scented anaesthesia face masks have the same excellent benefits of the ComfortStar® standard masks, but in addition have added aromas. The anaesthesia mask portfolio consist of the LiteStar® masks in sizes 1-6 for paediatric and adult applications and the ComfortStar standard and scented masks. The standard version is available in sizes 0-6 for neonate, paediatric and adult applications. The scented versions are available with strawberry or bubble gum scents in sizes 1-4, and mint scent in sizes 3-6. The appropriate colour scheme provides optical stimulation and is intended to reduce pre-operative anxiety in patients.

breathing circuit

Catheter mounts and airway connectors

Smoothbore products provide low resistance to flow while external coil reduces kinks & blockages.
– Extendable product provides a lightweight and flexible solution
– Double swivel connector increases ease of use
– Double cap to maintain PEEP during suctioning or bronchoscopy – Each catheter mount and airway connector is equipped with a red safety cap so that the system is completely closed and protected until directly prior to use on the patient.
– 22F/15M connector on device side as a two-in-one solution.
– Standardized connectors for safe connection to other components.
– Luer-Lock port for gas sampling.
– Disposable convenience enhances workflow.
– PVC-free design of gas leading components eliminates risk of softeners such as DEHP.

breathing circuit

Breathing system filters/HMEs

​The utilisation of heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) and breathing system filters in the OR, the ICU as well as other settings is an approach to address concerns commonly associated with mechanical ventilation: The one is proper humidification of inspired air; the other is cross-infection. Product benefits: For different tidal volumes and/or different deadspace needs all products are available in different sizes Equipped with a Luer Lock connector for gas sampling Sampling port in convenient 45° angle With a tethered luer cap in order to prevent any loose parts from falling into the breathing system Transparent housing of the products allows for visual inspection at any time while in use Fast and easily identified due their colour coding and clear labeling Standardised connectors provide proper and easy connection with other components of the ventilation circuit

breathing circuit

Monitoring Accessories

Reliable patient data with less stress.
The Dräger line of monitoring accessories includes consolidated ECG, oxymetry, blood pressure and temperature measurement that lead to a complete accessories offering for critical care monitoring accessories, as well as comfortable blood pressure cuffs. Special applications like accessories for the measurement of cardiac output, end-tidal CO2 and PiCCO® are also covered by the product portfolio.

breathing circuit

Neonatal Care Accessories

Dräger accessories for neonatal ventilation and thermotherapy ventilate gently and effectively, reduce stress and help promote the development of the newborn with a wide range of accessories designed specifically for use with the smallest of patients.

Simple, flexible and easy to use: BabyFlow™ nasal CPAP interfaces Designed specificly for use with Babylog 8000, Evita and Babylog 2000 (only disposable BabyFlow™) ventilators, these extremely low-noise interfaces feature minimal dead space and enable the seamless transition from invasive ventilation to nasal CPAP and vice versa. The BabyFlow™ delivers flow-independent nasal CPAP all in one device: the need for a separate CPAP device is eliminated, reducing costs and complexity at bedside. Using the BabyFlow™ is simple and requires a minimum of training.

breathing circuit

Sensors Oxygen/Flow

Compatible, high-accuracy oxygen and flow sensors for your medical devices.

Reliable oxygen measurement
Dräger O2 sensors are designed for highly accurate, continuous oxygen concentration monitoring in compliance with strict national and international standards.

Fast and accurate flow measurement
Dräger Spirolog®, Babylog and SpiroLife® flow sensors use highly responsive hot wire anemometer technology for rapid, accurate flow measurement with minimal inspiratory and expiratory flow resistance. All sensors are fully compatible with a wide range of Dräger systems and devices.

breathing circuit

Drägersorb® Soda Lime

High quality CO2 absorption made by Dräger.

High quality for the most demanding applications
Drägersorb® is specifically manufactured for clinical use during anaesthesia to absorb CO2 within the breathing system. Dräger is the only medical device manufacturer in the market to offer you high-quality soda lime from our very own production facility. It provides safe and effective CO2 absorption.
Quick and easy replacement
Next to conventional –5 L soda lime canister, Dräger also offers practical single-use 1.2 L CLIC cartridges that support quick and safe replacement. With the Dräger CLIC absorber you can easily and quickly replace the cartridge intraoperatively. This supports the reducement of potential leaks in your system and provides you with a convincing absorption capacity.

breathing circuit

Anesthesia Breathing Circuits with Bag

Reusable breathing circuits/sets and related accessories - Test Lung
With VentStar® Family Dräger offers a wide range of disposable breathing circuits for different applications as well as for different patient groups (neo, ped, adult). Customers can choose between various kinds of materials. All disposable breathing circuits are made of high quality material and all gas leading components are PVC-free (no harm through softeners like e.g. DEHP). A special focus at Dräger is to certify the interaction between a Dräger device and a related breathing circuit. This is documented in our declarations of system compatibility. Declarations of system compatibility underlie intensive testing in various scenarios which are based on our long-time experience concerning interaction of device with accessory.


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